What is Saparomäki?

Animal sanctuary Saparomäki (“Pigtail Hill”) is a place that doesn’t quite yet exist. In order for the sanctuary to someday be more than just a dream, we have formed an association, Eläinten turvakoti Saparomäki ry, to further its realization.

As soon as we have found a suitable farm somewhere within the Porvoo region in southern Finland, the hard work will begin: building and mending fences and facilities. A sanctuary, is what it will be; a place where farm animals can spend the rest of their lives happily. Pigs will have mud to wallow in, chickens soil to scrape, cows room to move about.

Updates on the project’s progress will appear on this site and on our blog. We will accept all kinds of help in finding a farm. When we do find it, we will need help building the sanctuary.

Read more about our principles here.