The principles of Animal Sanctuary Saparomäki (NPO)


Mission statement

Animal Sanctuary Saparomäki’s primary function is to provide a home for farm animals that would otherwise be killed. The sanctuary guarantees animals an environment that allows species-specific behaviour, and takes every measure to ensure that the remainder of their life is as happy, safe and dignified as possible.

A sanctuary is not a petting zoo. Saparomäki can make arrangements to receive visitors, but only on the animals’ terms. The sanctuary’s animals are not exhibits, and their well-being must be ensured during these visits.

One of the sanctuary’s key functions is to educate the public and provide information. The sanctuary offers people the opportunity to get to know other animal species as sentient, unique individuals with their own personalities.

Saparomäki strives to take environmental aspects into consideration to the best of its ability in all its activities.

Basis of principles

The basis of Saparomäki’s principles is the acknowledgement of the intrinsic value of animals, which means that the value of an animal is not dependent on how useful the animal is to people. The life of every individual animal is valuable, in and of itself, and should not be destroyed or damaged.

Each animal’s interests with regard to its own life and well-being should be taken into consideration equally with people’s corresponding interests. Every animal has a will to live, and at Saparomäki we respect this. However, in the event that an animal is terminally ill and seems to have lost its will to live, euthanasia is acceptable. This must be carried out painlessly.

Saparomäki promotes veganism, a way of life that does not subject animals to suffering and death for the superfluous interests of people, such as culinary tastes, a material standard of living or entertainment.

Saparomäki does not accept any kind of discrimination based on species, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or any other similar factors. Saparomäki is a non-profit organization that has no affiliations to any religion or political party or movement. The sanctuary receives funding via donations, membership fees, grants and the sale of vegan products. The association does not sell anything containing animal products or animal by-products.